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Our vision is to support people in their daily challenges and to give them the strength to make more out of their lives.

NICApur® micronutrients give the body what it is missing – in exactly the right combination, quantity and in absolute top quality from Austria..

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Micronutrients – concentrated natural power for individual needs

It feels great to be on top of the world and make the most out of yourself. Whether you succeed, however, depends considerably on your nutrient balance. Do you supply your body with the nutrients it needs? Good question. Most people do not really know what the state of their nutrient balance is. Not to mention how they are supposed to approach this comprehensive topic at all. This is where we come in.

Your NICApur® team will help you to achieve your goals – free of technical jargon and complicated explanations. With a lot of passion and concentrated know-how we develop high-quality nutritional supplements that effectively accompany you on your way.

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25 vegan Nutrients


Greenergy® 365 is a vegan vitamin cocktail with 25 vital substances essential for the human organism. This high-quality basic preparation provides valuable nutrients and plant substances.

26,95 60 capsules
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Superfood Hemp
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