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Draw from the fullness of life!

A living company - lived values

We want to support people in taking care of their health and increasing their well-being. Our products have been developed especifically for the physical needs of different phases in life. Meaningful products and sustainable action are our motivation. We want to make a difference and set an example - for our employees, our environment and our society. That is why transparency, appreciation and family friendliness are the values of our daily work, our lives.

Sustainable development made in Austria

As true nature enthusiasts, we are based in a country that fulfils all our ideas of purity and sustainability. With production in Austria, we can offer our customers a real added value in quality, which makes the decisive difference both in terms of tolerability and nutritional-physiological effectiveness. From product development and supplier selection to the packaging everything must correspond to our nature-oriented values.

No hidden additives

What is inside the product is written on the label - and nothing else! We stand behind this pure substance principle with our name and with our honour. Our preparations contain pure vital substances and are filled mainly in uncoloured vegetarian capsules (Vcaps®).

LEFO Seal of Quality

The outstanding impact of our food supplements, confirmed by LEFO quality seal, is due to the meticulousness which we use when implementing the latest scientific findings. This is our passion that drives us to the best results in all areas.

Developed by scientists

We develop our products together with a scientific team of doctors, pharmacists, biologists and nutrition experts. Our vision is to optimize people's lives with what nature offers us. To achieve this, we accept any challenge and also question stalled views on micronutrients and nutrition. The research and development of our products is oriented towards the current challenges of our society, which is characterized by fast-moving life and environmental influences. The preparations complement today's nutrition with valuable vital substances and can support long-term prevention. We are going down this road for a more powerful society of which we are a part. This is our mission, which we live with all our heart

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Get to know the comprehensive world of micronutrients and make the most of your life! There are many things that await you on our blog, for example tips for taking our premium vital substances, power recipes, health trends and many other topics around the topic of life and well-being.