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The Vitamin B Complex from NICApur - Booster & Balance for the office
How you arrange for balance with the wonder algae Chlorella

Stay in balance – all day long

Concentration and inner balance are good building blocks in life. If you have job-related stress, bear responsibility, perhaps also lead a team and sometimes have stress then you need strong nerves. An ancient wisdom says: Power lies in silence. But finding enough rest and sleep between office and leisure time is sometimes a real challenge. There is usually no time for hours of meditation.

There are helpful alternatives to bring your body back into balance. Micronutrients ensure the biochemical balance in the body. The good thing about them is that they can be integrated into everyday life without great effort. Paula explains: “I add vitamin B complex to my morning smoothie. This is incidental, tastes good and works wonders! I love it!”

A sufficient supply of essential vital substances protects and strengthens all along the line. It is easier to relax in the evening, to get a restful sleep, but also to start full of energy and full of joie into the day.


The Balance Bringer

Vitamin B complex activated - energy for strong nerves. Protect the cells with selenium 200 and find the balance between stress and regeneration. Another balance bringer: Vitamin D3 2000 vegan – Nutrition supplement with highly dosed vitamin D3 from plant source.

59,95 180 capsules/package for 2 months
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