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Someone who can enjoy, masters the art of living. But what is pleasure really? And why can so few people really enjoy life? Enjoyment means to perceive life full of attention and joy. This concerns the senses as well as the mindset. Whoever unconsciously devours his food, constantly distracts himself through television or newspapers, who let the moments with his family pass unnoticed or even fills them with a bad mood, is far from feeling pleasure.

The first key element is the attention through which we can consciously intervene in the respective situations and learn to override the fuss in us. Attention means sharpening the senses for what we see, taste, hear, touch. It means turning bad thoughts into good ones. But it also means taking good care of ourselves to have the strength to participate in life to the fullest in the best years.

The second key element is therefore a sufficiently covered balance of vital substances. If the cell does not get what it needs for full energy, we miss the energy to experience our daily moments as a pleasure. Ubiquinol, also known as coenzyme Q10, is a universal booster for the body and ensures that there are no limits to life even in old age.

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