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If the mother is well, everyone is well. Everyday life is turbulent and closely clocked. Being a mother can mean a lot, but one thing never: being sick. 24/7 strong nerves and support in all family matters are required. Health has highest priority – for the mother herself and her family.

“Fighting off colds, caring for the family more calmly, making it easier for the children to grow up, encouraging their own concentration while learning: I thought that was just a wishful dream. But it’s real!” Ariane speaks about an adequate supply of nutrients through dietary supplements. A lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements weakens many nerves and the immune system and upsets the body’s biochemistry. In winter, a possible micronutrient deficiency is not only due to a  vitamin-poor diet, but also to the pace of our times. The speed with which we live requires more micronutrients than it was a thousand years ago. We must therefore adapt the supply of vital substances to our lifestyle and also to the respective phase of life.

Nutrition supplements provide essential vital substances, which on the other hand supports everyday life. This promises a strong immune system and energy in an active environment – for care, growth & learning.

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A strong trio

Omega 3 Premium 700 strengthens the heart function. Your immune protection coat is called zinc citrate 30: It improves your immune system and revitalizes your body. Value-added vitamin C® is your third ally: The classic in terms of health strengthens and delights your immune system.

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