Nutrient check

Why it is so important to check the micronutrient levels regularly

Make more out of your life

You want to make more out of your life, but you miss the energy? It might be that a lack of nutrients curbs your superpower. Even when only one essential vital substance is lacking, we are immediately struggling with fatigue, exhaustion or reduced performance. What many people don’t know: Nutrients need each other. It makes no sense to take vitamin C or any other mineral blindly. Only in the right combination they can support us accordingly, so that we can draw from the fullness of life.


You want to know whether you have a deficiency of micronutrients (MN)? Then simply check your MN status now.

Whole blood analysis - 100% accurate

This blood test not only analyses the serum but also individual blood cells. Through this 100% accurate micronutrient check, deficiencies can be identified and specifically treated.

Bioresonance analysis - holistic treatment

Bioresonance therapy is intended to resolve pathological oscillations and eliminate deficiencies. Electromagnetic wave signals used for analysis purposes provide direct feedback on the status of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and the general physical condition. However, the procedure does not replace either a whole blood analysis or an examination by a doctor.

Kinesiology - the muscle test

This alternative medical, holistic diagnosis and therapy procedure lets your muscles speak: It tests the resistance of certain muscles while you hold in your hand the substance whose influence on the body shall to be tested. Your muscle power reveals disturbing and harmful influences.

Allergy diagnostics - finding out triggers reliably

More than a quarter of population of industrialised countries is affected by allergies. These people are hypersensitive to a certain substance, which can be investigated by allergy diagnostics. The allergy trigger is located via the blood or stool.

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