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That’s how you overcome your inner temptation!

7 clever tips on how to finally get started.

Spring is a most welcome time for many people to get active again after winter sleep and to do something for their fitness. Good intentions usually do not survive for a long time because they lose against one´s weaker self. However, there are a few clever tricks to outsmart the inner temptation quite easy:

1. Set goals

Setting goals is a secret of success of every change. It is important that they are realistic and achievable. If they are set too high, the failure is pre-programmed and the inner temptation takes over command again.


2. Write a success diary

The best is to write down the goals, for example in a diary. This makes them mandatory and progress can be recalled at any time.


3. Create a training plan

With a training plan it is easier to better organize job, family and other obligations. If the goal is  doing sport three times a week, two endurance sessions and one strength training session can be scheduled on different days during a week.


4. Search for the sport buddy

With a partner at your side it is much easier to train. Above all, endurance training such as running together happens quite incidentally. Weight training brings as well more joy when the buddy motivates you to the last drop of sweat. Training sessions are binding in community and are postponed less often.


5. Optimize nutrition

People doing sports usually are more in the mood to eat healthy. Fruits, vegetables, wholegrain products and good proteins from legumes and dairy products support the success. Those who are active with a slight feeling of hunger, have twice as much stimulated fat burning. There are numerous nutrition apps that inspire with recipes.


Magnesium is important for muscle regeneration. However, the body cannot produce it by itself. Therefore 300 to 400 milligrams should be taken with the daily nutrition. Food rich with magnesium are pumpkin seeds, cocoa, linseed or wheat germ. If a deficiency occurs, magnesium preparations can provide a quick and easy remedy.

Are you already in the starting blocks? Then grab your sneakers and take off!

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