Sleeping well despite summer heat

5 tips for a recreative sleep during summer

Do you also belong to the people who put their pyjama into the fridge before going to bed in order to cheat the summer heat? Sleep scientists disadvise because the good effect in the beginning could become inconvenient quickly because of humid clothes.


We have summarized important tips:

1. Lukewarm shower before going to bed

From a lukewarm shower the vasculars enlarge and the heat can escape from the body. A cold shower creates the opposite.


2. The right clothing

The best for the night is light cotton clothes which well absorbs the sweat. Because the body loses up to half a liter of liquid during the night. Therefore it is better not to sleep naked. Important is also a light summer blanket.


3. Ventilation

In the morning open all windows and ventilate the apartment. Then close again and lower the blinds. During the night open the window. From a temperature of more than 24 degrees Celsius it becomes problematic. In case of demand the air condition can be switched on but beware of a cold.


4. Do not drink alcohol

Do not drink too much before going to bed. This encourages the desire to urinate and disturbs the sleep. Especially no alcohol which transfers us into light sleep. Also heavy meals in the evening prevent from falling asleep and from sleeping through the night.


5. Cool arms and leg

You can also fill a hot-water bottle with cold water and put it on your arms and legs. But please not on the stomach which could create problems with kidney.


According to sleep scientists ….

…we need during summer one our less sleep because we have more and longer daylight.

….during summer we have three times more so called napping episodes than during winter due to stronger disturbed sleep. Napping stands for short but intensive sleep phases.

… every fourth Austrian fights with the sleep. By the way there are 97 different types sleep disturbences.

…. an ideal sleeping room temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees celcius which is difficult to reach during summer.

… there are no effects on sleep quality during heat whether someone is an early bird or a night owl.


Help from the world of plants

Whoever does not find sleep despite all these tips should not use immediately sleeping pills. There is also help from the nature. Many plants as balm, valerian, passion flower, hop, oat, hemp or lavender offer the necessary balance for good relaxation. They contain valuable vitamins, minerals  as well as essential oils how they can also be found in micronutrient preparations. By the way, a combination of such plant extracts is recommended by the majority of Austrian pharmacists.


What cause micronutrients during sleep

Certain micronutrients can influence sleep positively according to several US-studies. Many people have an improved sleep quality when the supply with vitamins and minerals is sufficient because stress is reduced, the body arrives at relaxation mode and pulse frequency drops. What are the most important micronutrients for sleep:

In any case magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, vitamin K and the group of B-vitamins – especially vitamin B12 – belong to it. A sleep encouraging influence have also the amino acids L-tryptophan, glycine and melatonin.

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