Summer, Sun, Gut!

To whom it is not familiar: joyful expectations for holiday are huge, but hardly you sit on the plane and the gut is on strike. Unusual food, little exercise and the time shift are additional factors for a sluggish gut. To adapt digestion to a new rhythm, certain behavior patterns should be taken into consideration. We have some tips for you, how to relax through holidays, without digestive problems.


Constipation and diarrhea when travelling

  • In case of constipation
    • Pay attention to dietary fiber.
    • Drink plenty of water, especially on long flights.
    • During the flight get up more often and move around. If you are travelling by car, take frequent breaks.
    • Eat soaked dried plums or flax seeds for breakfast to activate your gut.
    • Never take laxatives for a longer period without doctor supervision, because minerals are getting lost, especially potassium.


  • In case of diarrhea
    • Avoid getting exhausted first days of vacation, so that immune system is not stressed too much.
    • Avoid eating too much, especially food that is unfamiliar to you. In hot countries eat only cooked or peeled food, this is especially important for fruits. Do not drink tap water and do not order drinks with ice cubes.
    • Preventive intake of preparations for building-up the intestinal flora is recommended. These can be as well micronutrients. Ideally, you should start with intake two weeks before the planned trip.


Tips against digestive problems

  1. Drink herbal tea! This is helpful against flatulence (rosemary, sage, ginger) and against abdominal cramps (peppermint).
  2. Magnesium can be also helpful in relaxing the intestine. It possesses as well light laxative effect. Important: in addition, drink enough!
  3. Dietary fiber is the food base for our intestinal bacteria. They are indigestible, thus stimulating digestion. Even during holidays you should not forget it.
  4. Drinking water is also important when travelling. It should be several liters a day. A glass of warm water in the morning stimulates the digestion.
  5. With enough movement you activate the intestine. So, do not be lazy and avoid lying on the beach all the time.
  6. Spices also stimulate the digestion. Especially ginger, curcuma, cardamom, garlic, cinnamon, cumin, fennel and thyme. In the restaurant or at the hotel buffet one can prefer dishes with these spices.


The right micronutrients in your luggage

Apart from the above mentioned tips, it is recommended to have certain micronutrients in the luggage, that can be taken daily. They support intestinal flora, so you can have joyful holidays.

The perfect support for gut on trips are: Value added magnesium, Potassium magnesium citrate, Value added vitamin C, Vitamin B-Complex activated, Vitamin B12-500, Ferroverde® 21.

For a healthy gut

when travelling